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Marianne Silver

Welcome one and all to our Sixty-seventh Year! I am not too sure that my mother envisioned such a long studio career when we moved to Lakewood in late 1955 and had our first performance in 1956. Lakewood was home to many hotels and where my parents felt they could make a living. Recent transplants from England (where my sister and I were born), my parents did envision a new life away from war-torn Europe. My mother narrowly escaped Hitler in Nazi Germany and danced her way to London by way of Italy and France. She and my father met, where else, but during an ENSA (English USO) show where my dad (an English musician turned English soldier) played his saxophone, violin, and clarinet while my mother danced. Needless to say, music and dancing were always a part of our lives!

Our first studio was a part of Alex’s Gym located on Second Street and consisted of 20 students. From there, my mother moved the studio to the YWCA once located on Fourth Street across from the original Lakewood library. Eventually, the studio moved to the basement of our home on Fourteenth Street. Neither of these locations exist today, not the gym, YWCA, the library nor the house on Fourteenth Street. In 1978, my parents needed to find a new space for the studio and relocated to 193 Kennedy Blvd.

A move two doors down to our new “189” address took place in Fall 2018.We have had the chance to see Lakewood evolve from a resort destination to the diverse community it is today. We have embraced these changes and are here for the children and families that come through our doors.

Since my mother passed away at age 95 in 2012, we have tried to find ways to honor her life and tenacity, her strength and courage. “The Show Must Go On!” was always her motto, and life, no matter what may befall us, must go on in the same positive manner.

Even throughout 2020-2021, we have been encouraged by the students who continue to dance "masked," and find an escape in our all too hectic world.

We encourage our students to “leave the baggage” in the lobby and come into the studio to explore the art of dance, music, movement, friendships, and family. There is no “one size fits all.” We have a diverse studio family and hope that all who pass through our doors, whether they continue to dance or simply have fond memories of their dance career, long or short, will have been encouraged to be the best that they can be.

All the Best,

Angela Corenblith

Mariane (Far Right) Aida Opera 1938 Genoa, Italy

Marianne 1929 Breslau, Germany

Angela Corenblith: Owner/Director

Mrs. C holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Arts (with a minor in English and Dance) and Master’s Degree in Performing Arts from The American University, Washington, D.C. She has had life-long dance training from Marianne Silver (Lakewood School of Dance from age 3!), Phil Black Studios, New York; Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, New York; Twyla Tharp (American University Workshop); American University Dance Theatre; plus various master classes with master teachers.

She was a public school teacher for Forty Years. She was also an adjunct professor at Brookdale Community College (Public Speaking and Acting). Her last teaching experience was twenty-seven years as an English and Performing Arts teacher at Lakewood High School where she directed and choreographed the musicals and plays. (Retired in 2012)

She is member of Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey and has been a master teacher for them. She is a past Member of Dance Masters of America. She has had over forty years of experience teaching dance and choreography for dance studios and has been a director/choreographer for over 35 musicals/plays. Mrs. Corenblith serves on the NJ State Thespian State Board which organizes the annual NJ State Thespian Festival for high school drama students. She is honored to have been elected into the Lakewood High School Hall of Fame as well as the State of New Jersey Thespian Society Hall of Fame.