The acting class focuses on performance skills and “thinking out of the box.” The class includes work in improvisation, scene study, and monologue development. Acting while singing is also included. The class is based on the number and ages of students. Students are encouraged to be creative and be able to accept the basic acting concepts of 1) Never say “no” and 2) Your partner is always right. Students develop a sense of acceptance and a unique open thought process.

  • Creative Dramatics is for the youngest actor ages 5-7. There is no scene work so reading is not a requirement. Students work on imagination and creative drama as well as basic improvisation. *

  • Creative Dramatics and basic scene study with some improvisation work is for the young actor ages 8-12. The student must be able to read in order to develop dialog memorization so this is not for the 5-7 age unless recommended by a director. *

  • Acting is for the serious student ages 13 and up. The focus is on scene work, monologue study and character development. Students currently in school performances will be encouraged to work on their existing characters and scenes as well as work with one another on new material.

*These classes require a minimum registration of 4 students.